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We will be donating £1 for every set sold to Sea-Changers.

This coaster is part of a set of special coasters designed to raise money and awareness for Sea-Changers showcasing surprises in our seas. Sea temperatures are rising. This may explain why we are seeing surprising specials off our shores. Cork absorbs CO2 - Part of the solution.

We have enjoyed working with Sea -Changers, supporting nationwide projects and competitions to improve our marine world and look forward to continuing to do so. Our new set of four coasters, surprises in the sea, are a reminder that sea temperatures are rising and as well as raising awareness will raise money to support Sea-Changers.

Organic cork coasters with simple contemporary designs. Inspired by nature, grown in Portugal, hand printed in Cornwall. These are a set of 4.

Cork is harvested naturally without harming the tree. The cork oak forests in Portugal offset ten million tonnes of carbon every year. It continues to absorb C02 as a LIGA product.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth

Good for indoor and outdoor dining.

Our printed placemats & coasters are designed for use with warm-to-touch plates only as the ink used in their production does not provide heatproof capabilities.

10 cm diameter x 1 cm thickness

Our organic cork placemats + coasters sets are wrapped in a simple eco paper band.

We use zero plastic in our packaging. Sustainable Living and eco giving.

Plastic free packaging

All of our orders are packed with plastic free, sustainable packaging

Always Eco

We make all of our eco homewares using sustainable or recycled materials only. Some of our favourites are cork, organic cotton & recycled plastics.

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