Introducing our Cork Recycling Scheme - UK

At LIGA, we firmly believe in working together to make positive impacts on our planet. 

One of the reasons we are thrilled to introduce our new cork recycling initiative - a simple yet powerful way for you to contribute to a greener future, and we would love for you to join us.

How it works

Simply buy a bottle of wine with a cork wine stopper - enjoy - and save the cork wine stopper. Bring your cork wine stoppers to your nearest LIGA Cork Recycling Partner - see in the map below.

The Impact You’ll Be Making 

By participating in this initiative, you instantly become an essential part of the global effort to reduce waste and promote a circular economy.

Equally important for our future we are pledging to plant Cork Oak trees - for every 100 kilos of cork collected, we will plant one cork oak tree—an emblem of biodiversity preservation and a powerful weapon against climate change. Your involvement will directly contribute to the reforestation and restoration of natural habitats, ensuring a greener and healthier world for future generations. Cheers !

cork trees in portugal 
Why recycle ?

Cork is an incredible material that has many many uses, from the placemat on your table, to insulation within a rocket, to flooring and all the time it continues to 'breathe' and absorb C02.

In recent years the cork harvest yields have been down. Lack of water impacts on the quality and thickness of the bark that can be harvested and we all know that we have experienced hotter drier summers. This is why recycling is so important and one of the reasons it is important to plant more cork oak trees.

Find your nearest LIGA cork recycling partner on the map below:


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