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At LIGA, we are always inspired by the world around us and are committed to protecting our environment where possible.

Creating products from waste and combining with sustainable materials is our small way of looking after the planet. Giving back 1% of our turnover to supporting charities that look after our environment is our reward.

Our mission

We make beautiful things out of sustainable materials. Those beautiful things are affordable, innovative and inspired by a natural world we’re committed to protect.

Organic, unbleached cotton, compostable cloth, recycled plastics, ceramics and ethically-sourced cork; we only take what the planet’s happy to give us, and in turn we give back by creating cleverly-designed things for your home.

We love that so many of you care about what you buy and where it comes from. Equally, we know it matters to you that the same things are as important to us, that we also take great care about the impacts of what we do.

LIGA is our business and how we make our living, but it’s also our family, who we are, how we live and what we believe in.

our materials

Our supply chain is globally diverse, spanning countries such as Portugal, Greece, Sweden, India, and local suppliers in the UK. We know that our biggest environmental impact lies in the materials we use in our products and we are always exploring new ways to enhance our sustainability. 

This means we are always working to improve the materials we use in our products. From using organic lower-impact crop like cotton and linen we can reduce our water usage to using recycled materials like recycled rubber and Eva plastics. We want our products to be the best they can be while also making sure the planet is happy too.

Did you know?

You can offset your carbon on your order with LIGA?

With Carbon Click, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase for just £1.

All you need to do is add this onto your purchase when you get to checkout.

cork recycling scheme

We’ve introduced this initiative as part of a larger global effort to reduce waste and promote a circular economy. Customers can simply buy a bottle of wine with a cork wine stopper - enjoy - and save the cork wine stopper. They then bring their cork wine stoppers to their nearest LIGA Cork Recycling Partner. We supply cork recycling bins to a number of stockists around the UK. 

Equally important for our future we are pledging to plant Cork Oak trees - for every 100 kilos of cork collected, we will plant one cork oak tree — an emblem of biodiversity preservation and a powerful weapon against climate change . 

Your involvement will directly contribute to the reforestation and restoration of natural habitats , ensuring a greener and healthier world for future generations  In recent years the cork harvest yields have been down. Lack of water impacts on the quality and thickness of the bark that can be harvested and we all know that we have experienced hotter drier summers. This is why recycling is so important and one of the reasons it is important to plant more cork oak trees. 

'23 Positive Impact Report

View our Positive Impact Report for 2023.

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