Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe

Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe


We recently tried and adapted a traditional Wild Garlic Pesto recipe, with a hazelnut twist! We think replacing pine nuts with hazelnuts makes it more affordable and delicious!

You can pair it with scrambled eggs, mix it into an omelette or salad, pour it over chicken; the possibilities are endless with this amazing, simple recipe. So go quickly to find some Wild Garlic before the end of May.



100g Hazelnuts
350g of Wild Garlic leaves
100g Parmesan Cheese
150ml olive oil


1. Enjoy picking your wild garlic (Apr-May)
2. Toast the hazelnuts
3. Put everything in food processor and blitz
4. Add salt and pepper
5. Pop into a glass jar and store in the fridge. It’ll keep for up to 2 weeks
6. Enjoy!

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